The true beauty behind the designer label is that it has been created with a distinctive meaning and message which is conveyed through fashion. The ideas from the team flourish into a clear vision and that is showcased in every collection that is launched. The current collection displays the journey of never giving up, standing up after having fallen countless times, and embracing failure. 

The meaning behind the designer label is embedded in the recently launched Inner Voice Collection. It stands for failing in order to succeed. Be consistent in pursuing your goals to achieve your dreams. It is created to inspire others to show that one needs to persevere and only focus on that Inner Voice to not let others keep you from achieving what you have set out to achieve. Find energy in people not believing in you. That energy will fuel the inner voice to prove everybody wrong. It does not matter if you receive a Reprimande, it shows you dare to do what they don’t and that you will make it regardless of what anybody said. Embrace the failure and trust your inner voice.


Reprimande is a designer label rooted in the Netherlands. Its founders established the label to design aesthetic fashion for the modern individual. Reprimande can be seen as a rebellious counter movement challenging the established streetwear culture while in its core lies the urge to produce high-quality craftsmanship ready-to-wear Reprimande Pays-Bas garments.  

Our team derives its inspiration from all parts of the world while it strives to provide high-quality products and services. A representation of not following the mass but to create its own identity. Manufacturing is based in Portugal and the sourcing process for the best material available takes place in Europe. Assembling and producing each garment is a meticulous process to create the right fit while keeping an eye on the detailed finish embodying craftsmanship. Our team wants to contribute to a more sustainable world by designing timeless garments that are not mass-produced and are kept longer in each individual’s wardrobe.


Reprimande is established by a young team of three friends that desire to inspire others through fashion. The numerous life experiences have made the friends cross paths and Reprimande emerged.

Meet the three founders: Wesley Vaes always had the desire to show others that he embraces his Reprimande. He established the name of Reprimande through his experiences and brought the team together. Armand Neeskens grew up in various parts of the world with many different cultures. This developed a broad view in terms of lifestyle and diverse fashion trends. These different aspects are embedded in the brand. Martijn Kroneman has a design background and is the creative mind behind Reprimande who is able to translate the ideas which have emerged onto garments.

Quality above quantity is the collective belief of the founders. The meaning behind the designer label name motivates the team to transfer the ideology to others through fashion. Embrace failure in order to fulfill your dreams and be open to receive your Reprimande


The designer label expresses the belief of not conforming to the mainstream. Reveal your inner strength and don’t be afraid to fail. The Reprimande team wants to motivate every individual with the help of the garments and accessories that are made.

Take strength from this story and let it inspire you while staying true to your own identity. Dare to take risks as this brings rewards. Make a positive out of a negative and strive to achieve your goal. We don’t care about how much you have, what gender you are, where you were born, or what study you want to follow. Believe in yourself and trust your inner voice because, in the end, it’s about what you do with what you have. 

Represents the faith to fulfill dreams by embracing failure